Gentle Laundering

Careful Machine Washing
Secure all buttons before laundering.

Gentle Machine Wash
Use mild detergent, avoiding brands like Tide. Wash with similar colors in a small quantity of detergent. While we opt for cold water for energy efficiency, you can use hot water for boiling linen.

Dilution is Key
When using detergent, always dilute it before applying to dry fabric. Remember, the instructions on the detergent bottle's fine print matter.

No to Bleach
Avoid bleach, even for white linen. The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is an option, but not recommended for our natural linen.

Mindful Soaking
Using a Biz soak is acceptable, as long as it's well dissolved and diluted before application, and used on wet fabric.

Drying Thoughtfully

Drying in a Dryer
Opt for a medium or hot setting in the dryer. Ensure you dry the linen alone and avoid excessive drying. Once it's slightly damp, give it a shake and lay it flat. This process will naturally result in a uniquely soft and intricate texture.

Wrinkles, No Worries
Should you inadvertently subject your linen to too much heat, overcrowding, or excessive drying, leading to wrinkles, simply dampen it. The moisture will encourage the wrinkles to ease out. For minor wrinkles, like those from being pegged on a line, you can lightly mist them with a spray bottle or allow them to smooth out on their own over a day or two.

Embrace the Outdoors
If possible, opt for line-drying. Let the invigorating combination of fresh air, gentle breezes, and sunlight work their magic on your linen.